LFCN Volunteer Recruitment and Screening Process

The London First Church of the Nazarene’s Recruitment and Screening process must be completed for all who are put in a “Position of Trust” with our children, youth and vulnerable adults. The following nine (9) step process must be adhered to in recruiting and screening potential workers for children, youth and vulnerable adult ministries.

Individuals in a Position of Trust of confidential information must sign a Confidentiality Agreement.

1 – Be members or adherents of the church in good standing

There is a minimum of a six (6) month waiting period before a person can be considered for a position involving ministry to children, youth, and/or vulnerable adults. This may be waived for personnel transferring from another Nazarene church as long as the individual was a member/adherent in good standing with their previous church.

2 – Ministry Personnel Application Form

Prospective ministry personnel are to complete a ministry application form.

3 – Interview

Interviews will be conducted by the ministry leader or an individual approved by church leadership.

4 – Reference checks

Prospective Ministry Personnel must sign a liability release before reference checks are conducted.

Three personal references are requested on the Volunteer Application Form. References that are acceptable are limited to the following:

  • Present/Former pastor
  • Parents (for minors) – qualifies as one reference
  • Teacher (for minors)
  • Other volunteer member (who has sufficient strength of relationship to comment on the individual’s personal habits and character).
  • Two of these references will be contacted by the Plan to Protect ® coordinator and/or the senior pastor. The person(s) checking the references will keep a record of the interview with the reference’s comments. One of the reference checks must be someone that is NOT a member of the local church

5 – CPIC Criminal Record Clearance check and Vulnerable Sector Search

  • All employees and volunteers (16 and over) for the London First Church of the Nazarene are required to have a current Criminal Record Check (CRC) on file.
  • All pastors, deacons, licensed ministers of the London First Church of the Nazarene are to provide a copy of their CRC to the Plan to Protect ® coordinator for record-keeping.
  • A vulnerable sector verification (VSV) is required for your initial check or if it is more than five (5) years since your last VSV or CRC. A re-check is required every three (3) years.

6 – Plan to Protect ® Training

  • All employees and volunteers of London First Church of the Nazarene are required to attend an initial training session for Plan to Protect ® and annual refresher training sessions.

7 – Ministry Agreement Forms

  • Sign the Statement of Faith & Confidentiality Forms

8 – Approval Process.

  • All ministry personnel are to be approved by church leadership upon completion of recruitment and screening process.
  • Approval must be signed and dated. Official minutes of a board meeting will be sufficient evidence of approval.
  • The recruitment and screening process must be completed within a 3 month period of time.
  • Workers in process of completing the recruitment and screening process will not be placed in a position of trust.
  • Access to children will be limited until final approval is received.

9 – Place Candidate on the approved list for ministry workers

  • Ministry Personnel who serve Children, Youth and Vulnerable Adults must have personnel files kept with the London First Church of the Nazarene and/or church records. There is no statute of limitation for child abuse therefore these files are to be kept permanently. 

Ministry Personnel must complete the recruitment and screening process prior to being placed in a Position of Trust.